Signature Collection

Stunning, timeless designs made in very small numbers, presented in their own "signature" boxes to be cherished forever


Large Square Scarves

 100cm x 100cm

Classic Scarves

 153cm x 43cm

Narrow Scarves

 100cm x 30cm

Mini Squares

 30cm x 30cm

Large Square Scarves

 100cm x 100cm

Medium Square Scarves

 50cm x 50cm

Large Square Shawls

 134cm x 134cm

Classic Style Wrap

 65cm x 200cm



Limited Edition Ties

 8cm x 150cm

Box Sets


Short Tail Hair Scrunchies

 8cm x 30cm

Medium Tail Hair Scrunchies

 8cm x 55cm

Long Tail Hair Scrunchies

 8cm x 75cm
Rural Business Award