Clare Haggas Watching Over Me Mykonos Blue Wool Silk Wrap

Watching Over Me

Introducing the exquisite 'Watching Over Me' collection by Clare Haggas; a poignant fusion of artistry and emotion.

Each scarf and hair accessory pays homage to the eternal bond between loved ones, inspired by Clare's late husband Will.


The first scarf design of Spring/Summer 2024 is here.

'Watching Over Me' serves as a symbol of hope and connection. And Clare drew her inspiration from the age-old belief that Robins, often regarded as messengers of spirits, carry the presence of loved ones who have departed. These charming birds are thought to be celestial companions, watching over us: a reminder that love endures beyond the boundaries of life and death.

Each piece in this collection is a canvas of sentiment, featuring Clare's original artwork of Robins, graceful swooping swallows, and ethereal floating feathers – all on a fresh, spring backdrop. With shades such as 'Heather' casting a pretty pastel-pink/purple glow, 'Sienna' a vibrant orange warmth, 'Mink Brown' offering a gentle blend of light pink and brown, and 'Mykonos Blue': a serene pale sky blue:

"I have created this sentimental and heartfelt design from my original painting, 'Watching Over Me'. Many of us believe that when Robins appear, loved ones are near."

Clare Haggas

Each and every scarf will come with a certificate dedicated just to this design, something Clare has never done before:

"I wanted to design a special piece which will remind you forever of those that have left us, and have a special place in our hearts."

Clare Haggas

Clare Haggas Watching Over Me Mink Brown Biege Wool Silk Wrap
Clare Haggas Watching Over Me Mink Brown Biege Wool Silk Wrap
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