New Wildlife Artwork from Clare Haggas

New Wildlife Artwork from Clare Haggas

New Artwork – Spring 2022


I sometimes forget I’m first and foremost an artist and without new works, it’s impossible to have new designs. But thankfully, with Spring now here, I’m often inspired to get back behind the easel!

This is one of my favourite seasons, as it’s just so full of optimism – a time of new beginnings, characterised by blossoming flowers, baby bunnies, flying birds – so I thought what better time to show you some of my most recently completed pieces.


The most recent being Bill – my regal Curlew! He is the fourth piece in a row to sell before completion I’m utterly humbled as well as delighted:



Here he is on my easel – I’ve become rather attached to Bill and he has been a joy to create. This is helped by the amazing photo that @emily_graham_media kindly gave me permission to use. Having clear, brilliant photography to work from makes life so much easier and as you can see it has enabled me to give Bill his own regal personality.


Then we have Wesley and Hamish – both of whom are already in their new home by the sea:



Based on more fantastic photography by Emily Graham, Wesley, on the left, is a beautiful Snipe. I’ve injected elements of this wonderful little birds personality into the piece, creating a feeling of shyness as well as vulnerability. Then we have Hamish on the right – a handsome grouse stood in all his glory amongst the Heather.


And last, but definitely not least – one of my final pieces from last year:


Lord Of The Wings



This is the final professionally scanned image of the original painting – and love the detail that shows through, it just gives the piece a whole new dimension!

This piece couldn’t have existed without @graham_tweed and @nikoneurope. Thanks again for giving me permission to reproduce such amazing photography – this one really is a cracker!



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