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Our Story

Clare Haggas: the luxury lifestyle brand, creating unique and high quality British Made silk accessories.

Founded in 2017 by British artist and designer Clare Haggas, each luxury accessory starts its life as a piece of original artwork.

Born from passion, creativity and adversity

Watch Clare at work:

The Artist

Clare is first and foremost an artist, internationally renowned for creating pieces based on rural heritage, with an appreciation for British wildlife. Drawing her inspiration from her rural upbringing and passion for the outdoors.

But there is another driving force behind this unique brand: Recovery.

Overcoming addiction has given Clare a new perspective on life, inspiring her to create designs that are full of joy and optimism.

"Every piece of artwork I create is a reflection of my journey to sobriety, with each piece representing a step towards a brighter future." - Clare Haggas

Her story is a powerful example of how resilience, determination, and creativity can help us overcome even the most difficult challenges, and has inspired many others to seek help and begin their own path to a new life.

"Without my sobriety I am nothing."

The Creative Process

Each accessory begins as vivid and detailed artwork, lovingly developed over time. Clare adores using watercolour pencils and acrylic paint to compose her paintings, bringing a sense of adventure played out against a backdrop of the glorious British great outdoors.

Clare's original paintings are then digitally scanned, with adjustments made to variations in colour, contrast, and brightness:

Next, Clare's team start building up the scarf designs, often adding flowers or wildlife from her other paintings, and (of course!) her signature floating feathers and crest:

Proudly British Made

Once each stunning design is finalised, it's then transferred onto the highest quality silks, hand-finished with hems rolled by a team of artisans in Worcestershire.

Committed to continual refinement of the brand, in 2023 Clare has invested and developed a new printing process, and is the first brand in the UK producing double sided silk scarves:

Entirely British Designed and Made: rich country heritage is at the heart of this brand, with a promise of immaculate craftsmanship, innovation and undisputed reliability

But the story doesn't end there...


Luxury Packaging

With attention to detail at the heart of the brand, once each and every silk piece has been quality checked, to meet meticulous standards, it is lovingly wrapped and packed into bespoke boxes in the heart of Lincolnshire.

Authentically British, from Conception to Manufacture

From each painting, every vibrant design, to the experience of unwrapping your new treasured accessory; Clare seeks to create a world in which we can lose ourselves, imprinting her own character which is intrinsically bound up in each and every piece.

A Clare Haggas scarf: a masterpiece in its own right