Clare Haggas: The First UK Brand to Produce Double-Sided Silk Scarves

Clare Haggas: The First UK Brand to Produce Double-Sided Silk Scarves

Clare Haggas will be the first brand in the UK to produce double sided silk scarves. Taking the brand into the realms of Hermes and Mulberry: Clare's scarves will be the most luxurious on the market, and the first and currently only British Made brand offering accessories of this quality:

“Investing in a new printing process has been imperative to maintain my position in the market.

My brand has become synonymous with high end luxury and I always look for ways to improve year on year. To now be able to offer totally double sided designs means I am on a level with the most influential brands in the world. And as the only brand in the UK to offer this, it makes me so proud, and I know it will take CH to a whole new level.”

Clare Haggas


Meaning the usual whiter underside typical of silk scarves is a thing of the past for CH, and endless styling possibilities are ahead!

In silk printing and production, "silk penetration" refers to the degree to which the ink or dye penetrates the fibres of the silk. 100% silk penetration therefore means the ink has fully penetrated the fabric, resulting in a vibrant and long-lasting design - where the colours are just as vibrant on the reverse side of the fabric.

Achieving full silk penetration requires the use of the highest quality ink, and a longer drying and curing process to achieve the most consistent and durable colours possible on this beautifully delicate fabric. But, Clare won't be increasing the RRP of the silk range - as she sees this investment as a hallmark of luxury and high-end brands.

"Although producing these scarves involves a significant increase in costs for the brand, I feel it is imperative not to pass this cost onto my loyal customers: So the RRP of the silk range will be remaining the same."

Clare Haggas

Clare’s attention to detail and no expense spared approach to her brand and product development put her accessories up with the best. Continually striving to create the highest quality silk accessories, the new designs of the Spring/Summer 2023 Collection will be the first ever produced in the UK to be double sided, with the existing designs across the range gradually being produced using this new technology, and therefore currently single sided as to not waste product.


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