Men's Pocket Squares: How to style and fold the modern gentlemen's favourite silk accessory

Men's Pocket Squares: How to style and fold the modern gentlemen's favourite silk accessory


In men's fashion, it's often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. One of our favourites here at Clare Haggas is the silk pocket square: the classic accessory that has adorned the suits of distinguished gentlemen for centuries.

Here, we will explore the timeless charm of men's pocket squares, including the Clare Haggas pocket square, the history, various pocket square folding styles, and how to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe effortlessly. We will also cover tips on how to fold a silk pocket square and showcase modern pocket square folds that are popular among men today.


History of the Pocket Square

The origins of the pocket square can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where small perfumed squares were used to ward off more less pleasant smells. But, the modern day pocket square as we know it, emerged in the 17th century among the French and English noblemen.

Initially worn as a practical handkerchief, it soon evolved into a fashion statement. Reaching its peak in the 20th century, loved by the likes of Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, and Frank Sinatra.

Of all the materials, silk is the most iconic for pocket squares, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to any outfit. Traditionally suited for formal occasions and evening events, but they have also become a stylish accessory for everyday wear.


Styling Tips

Pocket squares, on their own or with a matching tie or cravat, can make quite the statement, despite their small size! They add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and personality to any outfit.

Whether you're a regular pocket square wearer, dressing up for a special occasion, or shopping for a special gent in your life, perhaps for Father's Day or a birthday gift; here are some tips on how to style and choose the right designs!



There's just one main consideration when considering which hue is right for you: Contrast. It's all about differentiation vs the suit or suit jacket you're wearing. So go for a contrasting colour!

Here are some examples of modern looks each adding a pop of colour - suitable for the country, the town, or holidays:


How to fold:

Depending on the look you're going for, there are various pocket square folding techniques you can try:

  1. The Presidential Fold: The most classic and formal way to wear a pocket square is the presidential fold. It involves folding the square into a neat rectangle and placing it flat in the pocket, with a small portion exposed.

  2. The Puff Fold: For a relaxed and casual look, try the puff fold. Simply pinch the center of the silk pocket square, lift it up, and let it naturally drape into a rounded shape. This style works well with silk or linen squares, including the Clare Haggas pocket square.

  3. The One-Point Fold: This fold adds a touch of elegance and symmetry. Fold the pocket square diagonally, bringing one corner to meet the opposite corner, creating a triangular shape. Adjust the size as desired and place it in the pocket with the point facing upward.

  4. The Two-Point Fold: Similar to the one-point fold, this style adds a bit more flair. Fold the pocket square diagonally, but instead of aligning the corners perfectly, slightly offset one corner to create a two-pointed effect. Insert it into the pocket with the points showing.


Men's pocket squares have stood the test of time as a refined accessory that elevates the style of any suit or blazer. With a wide range of styles, materials, and folding techniques available, pocket squares provide endless opportunities for self-expression and sartorial creativity. Shop the full Clare Haggas pocket square range here!

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