British Through And Through

British Through And Through

Clare Haggas Silk Accessories: Celebrating British Craftsmanship:

British through and through

Clare Haggas; an esteemed fashion brand, renowned for exceptional silk accessories. What sets the brand's creations apart is the unwavering commitment to British craftsmanship, evident in every step of the design and manufacturing process.

From the captivating original wildlife artwork created by Clare herself, to the hand-rolled edges and the use of the finest pure silk twill materials, every Clare Haggas silk accessories exemplifies the essence of British luxury.

A Heritage of British Craftsmanship

Taking great pride in upholding the rich heritage of British craftsmanship, every silk accessory is lovingly designed and meticulously handcrafted in Britain, showcasing the talent and skill of local artisans. From the initial concept and subjects of her paintings, to the final product, the entire journey is a testament to the the beauty of British wildlife, and the excellence of British craftsmanship.

Recently investing in innovative double-sided printing; Clare Haggas scarves are now the only ones with 100% penetration of the design through the silk, being produced in the UK meaning the reverse side is just as vibrant as the front. 

Original Wildlife Artwork

At the heart of this brand, lies the founder's original wildlife artwork. Inspired by the enchanting beauty of nature, Clare's designs capture the essence of various wildlife scenes. From majestic game birds to graceful horses, garden birds, and wild flowers, each piece tells a unique story through art. Every brushstroke is a reflection of Clare's passion for wildlife that underpins the company she founded.

Finest Pure Silk Twill

To ensure unparalleled quality and luxurious feel, Clare Haggas exclusively uses the finest pure silk twill materials in her accessories. The carefully sourced silk undergoes a meticulous process, resulting in a fabric that is both sumptuous and durable, with the smoothest texture and most elegant drape; making them a true delight to wear.

Hand-Rolled Edges

A hallmark of artisanal craftsmanship, the hand-rolled edges are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail. Skilled artisans delicately hand-roll and stitch the edges, creating a refined finish that exudes sophistication. This intricate technique not only adds durability but also serves as a distinguishing feature, elevating the accessories to a level of true luxury.


British Through and Through

Clare Haggas silk accessories are not just inspired by Britain; they are quintessentially British themselves. By manufacturing her products exclusively in Britain, Clare ensures that each accessory embodies the spirit of the nation. Every aspect of the production process is a celebration of British heritage.


Clare Haggas silk accessories are a testament to the beauty of British craftsmanship, artistry, and a celebration of our wildlife and countryside. By proudly supporting British manufacturing and local artisans, Clare Haggas invites you to experience the true essence of British refinement, one accessory at a time.

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