Fieldsports Journal: Clare Haggas Cover & Interview

Fieldsports Journal: Clare Haggas Cover & Interview

Clare Haggas front cover, and exclusive interview

Featuring on the cover of the prestigious Fieldsports Journal: the country pursuits bi-monthly, is Clare's original painting of the glorious 'Eric'. 

"I just knew Eric was the perfect cover star for this fabulous publication. So bright, so charismatic and such a poser! Here he is showing off to all the ladies in all his magnificent glory: I'm so proud he is gracing this volume's front cover."

Clare Haggas

Complete with an interview with their front cover artist; the Fieldsports publication features content from the most sought-after contributors and photographers, and Clare couldn't be prouder to grace this issue.

Each journal delivers reams of hunting, game shooting and fly fishing articles from passionate storytellers, fact finders and thought leaders.

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