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The Art Of Scarf Tying

The Bow

Learn how to tie a Large Square Silk Scarf into this stunning style.

How to tie a Large 100cm Silk Square Scarf into The Bow
One of our personal favourite styles, where we take a large square silk scarf and a classic Clare Haggas signature scarf ring. Watch the video above to see Clare show you how to recreate this surprisingly simple style, or follow the steps below:
Fold a large square silk scarf diagonally in half

1: Fold the scarf in half diagonally to create a triangle

2: Create a bandana fold with your large square silk scarf, by taking the corner of your triangle, and folding it inwards several times. This creates a neat, tubular scarf

3: Take your tubular scarf, place around the back of your neck, with the long points towards the front

4: Take your Scarf Ring, and feed the two ends of the scarf through the top of the scarf ring

5: Feed the scarf ring upwards, to roughly where you'd like your bow to sit

6: Pull the scarf through the left and right edges of the scarf ring

7: And pull these two pieces into a bow, however large or small as you'd like