Clare Haggas

Welcome to my crazy, colourful and elegant world.

Over the past four years I have created a unique and luxurious brand, intertwining my effervescent original artwork with sumptuous silk, in order to offer you the most exquisite accessories available.

Everything I create is inspired by my personal journey, combined with my passion to offer discerning ladies and gentlemen bespoke,  British Made pieces for yourself, or your home, that can be cherished for a lifetime.

I am first and foremost a self taught wildlife artist. I specialise in surreal, yet exquisite paintings of the stunning British wildlife that I am so blessed to be surrounded by. My style allows my work to sit perfectly in an old stately home, or grace the walls of the most modern of buildings. I see it it as being traditional, but with a modern twist.

People always question how I get such energy in my paintings with just pencils, but I believe this is down to the sheer passion for having the best job in the world! I live in rural Lincolnshire and the beauty that surrounds me is simply inspirational, it’s hard not to get excited each and every day when I step out into the glorious British countryside right on my doorstep.

I do not have to travel far to encounter my subjects in their natural environment. I see cheeky partridge, fighting pheasants, running, boxing and leaping hare on a daily basis.

After a life changing, chance meeting in 2017 I decided that my powerful artwork needed to have a new life… it leant itself perfectly to be transformed into luxury silk accessories. Being the impulsive person that I am I wasted little time I creating my debit collection in the summer of that same year.


All of my accessories are entirely Made in England, from the finest fabrics available. Each piece is printed, hand-finished and their hems rolled, by a team of artisans in Worcestershire, before being sent to me in Lincolnshire to be loving wrapped and packed.


My bespoke packaging is stunning and the whole feel of the product is luxurious and timeless. Each design is available in an exquisite range of jewel like colours and every day I am designing, researching and developing new and exciting ideas to capture on the silk and more recently sumptuous velvets and wool silk blends.


It’s not only ladies who have been inspired by my collection, my gentlemen embrace the chance to accessorise their outfits with their own range of Finest silk ties and complimenting pocket squares and cravats. My recent collections have been a phenomenal success, which inspires, and drives me to create more luxury scarves, accessories and gifts, as well as painting bigger, brighter and more stunning pieces of art.


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  • Meet my team

    I couldn't get by without them!

  • Molly

    Cocker Spaniel (apprentice)

    “Molly Moo” the sweetest, most loyal and loving little bundle of joy. Molly crashed into our lives in 2019 and it’s never been the same since. We love her to the moon and back even when she is possibly the most demanding dog in the world!

  • Noodle

    Little ginger terrier (breed unknown)

    Yes ... noodle is our smallest and oldest member of the pack . She is also in charge which for such a little dog is hilarious. Both labradors are scared of her. Noodle is a rescue dog and we have had her since a pup. People always ask what breed she is and I say " a Noodle" she's just a Noodle !!

  • Florence


    Florence is the newest addition to the team. Still a pup and learning the ropes but possibly the most adorable Labrador I've ever met. So naughty, so funny and ever so sweet.

  • Winnie


    Winnie is our middle dog... so big, soft, cuddly she is just a great big bear. Loves to go shooting although not the best in the field but she has a very very good time. Swimming is her passion, as is sitting with me all day while I paint

  • Daisy

    Chief of Inspiration

    Daisy is not only my daughter but also my best friend. She's honest, enthusiastic and just a joy to be around. Daisy is so proud of my work and will often tell her friends all about a new piece I'm doing. She also tells me when I'm going wrong or if the painting is "rubbish"! Daisy inspires me, motivates me and keeps me sane. She's a real country girl, happiest in her wellies, walking the dogs, playing with the chickens and most recently waist high in the river catching salmon. That's how children should be

  • Will

    Soul Mate

    Will is my beloved.... he is so patient and supportive in everything I do and has especially encouraged and given me confidence around my career. He is always coming up with fresh ideas and suggesting new areas for me to pursue in order to become more established. We both love fishing and shooting which is where we unwind, laugh, have great banter and be with close friends as often as we can ... in a nutshell ...he's my soul mate


Rural Business Award

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