Coming Soon: It's a Dog's Life

Coming Soon: It's a Dog's Life

Coming this Autumn/Winter, a selection of Clare's most iconic paintings, not yet brought to life on silk:

Gun Dogs:

Versatile breeds known for their exceptional hunting abilities: From the noble stance of the Pointer to the energetic spirit of the Spaniel and the unwavering determination of the Retriever, every gun dog breed is represented with meticulous attention to detail.

And not forgetting our smaller four legged friends, with tenacious terriers and Jack Russells, each renowned for their spirited personalities and exceptional hunting abilities, and long capturing the hearts of dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. These pint-sized hunters pack a punch, embodying a combination of tenacity, intelligence, and an indomitable hunting instinct.

These designs not only capture the essence of gun dogs' physical characteristics, but also showcases magnificent birds, including pheasants and grouse. Rich autumnal colours will transport wearers to the idyllic country settings where these incredible dogs showcase their skills.
All completely Made in England with the utmost care, using only the finest silk, 'It's a Dog's Life' is a work of art in its own right.
And whether you are an avid hunter, a lover of dogs, or a connoisseur of timeless fashion, this Collection has something for everyone.
Release date: October 2023
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