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Top 5 Wedding Guest Outfits for 2023

Top 5 Wedding Guest Outfits for 2023

About Clare Haggas: Clare is a renowned wildlife artist, based in Cheltenham England, who brings her artwork to life on British made, silk accessories.

Wedding season is upon us, and as a guest or the mother of the bride, we've got our pick of the best fashion choices for 2023, as well as into 2024.

Here are our 5 summer wedding season looks and colour combinations for 2023, all featuring Clare's iconic scarves.

From shawls in soft wool/silk blends, adding a touch of luxury to any outfit, while providing warmth and comfort during the evening festivities; to pure silk scarves. With silk's thermal properties and the double sided shimmer of this luxe material, they're sure to make you stand out on the big day. 


1. Pink and Yellow

Captivating hues for wedding guest attire: let's explore the timeless combination of yellow and pink.

With the ethereal charm of Clare's yellow: buttermilk. This colour is the epitome of happiness and optimism, bringing a vibrant touch to any outfit and is amazing or a daytime wedding, or for nuptials abroad; creating a fresh and summery look. 

Pink, on the other hand, represents femininity and romance. A knee-length pink dress with lace details or an off-the-shoulder silhouette number are both perfect for wedding guest outfits.

With most weddings extending into the evening, it's essential to stay comfortable and warm as the temperature drops.

Scarves and shawls provide the perfect solution, not only keeping you warm in the evenings, but also adding an extra layer of elegance to your outfit during the day. Lightweight fabrics like silk or chiffon are perfect to drape over your shoulders or wear it loosely around your neck for a chic and cozy style statement.

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2. White & Buttermilk

A Delicate and Timeless Choice for Mother of the Bride: an off white outfit offsets a bold scarf, without upstaging the bride!

With options in the pure silk collection, as well as the wool/silk, shop them all here: Shop Buttermilk

Just adding the buttermilk scarves, this outfit is be a perfect blend of sophistication and subtlety. Buttermilk, a creamy yellow, offers a timeless and classic option and works beautifully with an otherwise all-neutral palette.


3. Lilac: Periwinkle Scarves

Arguably the most popular colour of Spring/Summer 2023: you can't go wrong with lilac!

Featuring delicate lilac blue with a pretty pink border: the Oopsie Daisy scarves in periwinkle look amazing when paired with other pastel colours. 

So why not wear with a soft pink suit:

Or a minty off-white co-ord:

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4. Going for Bold

For those not scared to make a statement: orange is a bold and colourful choice, and great for a wedding.

And it looks amazing with so many other colours, from toffees and golds...

To deep and dark navies:


And the classic silk scarf size is such a versatile size that you can style in so many ways. 

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5. Turquoise and Pink

Featuring heavily in Clare's summer ensembles, this is such a beautiful combination:

And with Oopsie Daisy scarves starting in the narrow size - you can easily adapt and work on your style, with prices starting from just £79!

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Conclusion: As a wedding guest or the mother of the bride, your fashion choices should reflect both your personal style and the spirit of the occasion. Yellow and pink colours bring vibrancy and radiance to your ensemble, while buttermilk offers a classic and timeless choice for the mother of the bride. Remember to wrap up warm in the evenings, accessorising with scarves and shawls in delicate hues. By combining elegance with practicality, you'll be ready to celebrate the special day in style while staying comfortable.

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