Embracing and accessorising this season's hottest hue: Turquoise!

Embracing and accessorising this season's hottest hue: Turquoise!

The biggest Fashion Trend of Spring/Summer 2023 - Turquoise and Aqua Marine blues!


Think crystal clear Mediterranean seas, and the brightest of summer skies: this shade is just perfect as the temperature rises, even if you're not planning a beach holiday abroad! And Clare is launching Oopsie Daisy in this beautiful and bold colour:

So, if you're looking to update your look for the summer, and embrace the carefree spirit of beach life - look no further.

Here are Clare's top tips for wearing this jewel like hue, and the colours and styles to pair it with, that you'll almost certainly have in your wardrobe! Whether looking for wedding outfit inspiration for bridesmaids, the mother of the bride; or what to wear on your next holiday.


1. Add a splash of shimmering silk Azure to coordinating shades

For those who'd rather not opt for head-to-toe turquoise in a dress or suit; just add one additional item to your summer repertoire: a versatile Azure Oopsie Daisy silk scarf or hair scrunchie; to get the look. 

Available in narrow, classic and large square silk sizes.

"Here are some of my favourite colours to coordinate with my Azure Oopsie Daisy scarves: from crisp white, to baby pinks and even yellow!"



Pairing turquoise with pink creates a stunning and feminine look. The warm undertones of pink complement the cool tones of the turquoise, as well as picking up and enhancing the darker magentas and baby pinks in Clare's original wildlife artwork.

Whether you opt for baby pink, or something bolder; this combination is a winner!



Yellow adds a cheerful and sunny vibe when combined with turquoise. Whether it's a soft pastel yellow or a bright, bold shade, the pairing creates a lively and eye-catching contrast. These golden colours are opposite blue on the colour wheel, and therefore contrast beautifully!

And why not pair with Clare's iconic contrasting hair silk scrunchies!


White and Light Greys

Crisp and clean, whites and greys serve as an excellent neutral backdrop for turquoise. It allows the bright and refreshing qualities of turquoise to shine, creating a visually striking combo.


2. Lead with turquoise and bold shades, and contrast with other colours

For the bold! Why not opt for a bold green suit, and contrast with other scarves from the Clare Haggas collections:

Hot Pink Rearing To Go


 Teal Rearing To Go 

Pairing turquoise with other greens creates a fresh and cool colour palette. These analogous colours sit side by side on the colour wheel, resulting in a harmonious and serene combination.
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