Scarf Belt Styling

Scarf Belt Styling

Mackenzie & George + Clare Haggas

The leading British made leather goods brand, and the leading British made silk accessory brand, this union is truly a match made in heaven. Entirely handmade from start to finish, these luxury M&G belts are the perfect accessory to combine with your favourite pieces from my collections.

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Here are just a few ways to use some of Clare's products:


1. Use a Scrunchie: One of the best value CH products - The pure silk scrunchie with detachable tail. Available in three sizes in most designs: short, medium and long tail lengths.

Wear the scrunchie in your hair, and thread the tail through the last two eyelets of the belt for a coordinated look!

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2. Use a Twilly: The versatile ribbon scarf, or as we call them here at CH - Twillies! 

These skinny 120cm x 8cm scarves can be threaded through all of the eyelets of a scarf belt, and tied in a bow, or left to fall:

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3. Use a Narrow Scarf: These small 100cm long by 30cm wide scarves are a great value and versatile piece for any wardrobe, as you can wear them around your neck as a scarf, on your handbag - or with the scarf belt, through the end eyelets:

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4. Use a Classic Scarf: The best selling scarf size, and perfect for pairing with the scarf belt, either:

Take one end and thread through every eyelet of the belt;

Or, tie through the last two eyelets in a bow!

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5. Use a Large Square Scarf: The iconic large square silk scarf: a staple for a Ladies wardrobe. Once you've mastered the bias fold, simply thread through the eyelets, tie in a knot or bow either at waist or belt level, leaving the pointed corners downwards:

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